Who We Are?

GNMG is a collaboration of socially aware media businesses that take from their own profits to donate to charity. The more profit we make the higher the percentage we donate (up to a point that wouldn't be disadvantaging our primary tenet). Every year we issue an accountability report to all our clients and stakeholders illustrating how our funds were donated and where they were sent. We are Australian owned, Australian operated and don't send any money offshore for cheap labor.

Printing Services

Digital Printing


When you let GNMG print your promotional materials digitally, you benefit in these ways: You don’t have to print 500 or 1,000 brochures or flyers when you only need 50 or 100, those days are gone and gone forever!
Digital Printing is environmentally-friendly, no water or harmful chemicals are used and toner cartridges are recycled.
GNMG print quality is superb because GNMG Print uses only the latest, state-of-the-art laser and inkjet print machines, colours are brilliant and vivid so your message will stand out above the competition.
Variable-data printing allows you to address every customer personally and tailor each promotional piece individually, no other method of printing can do this and the impact and the results will astound you! Ask us for more information.
When speed is important, nothing beats digital printing! We specialize in the impossible so try GNMG Print the next time your deadlines seem impossible.
With a huge range of paper stocks to choose from including 100% recycled papers, forget the days of being offered only paper that was made specially for laser printers - the newest digital laser printers are designed to print on almost any paper and board.

Offset Printing


With many a years experience in Offset Printing we're more than proud to be able to say that the quality of our offset printing far exceeds any digital process.
Offset printing is the old world origin of 'ink on plate and transferred to paper' but revised to modern machinery. It's for that economies of scale kick in. The more you print the cheaper offset printing becomes per printed unit.
GNMG Print will print with any paper stock you care to request.


Wide Format Printing


There's no size too big for our large format printer, and that includes on both papers and fabrics. Wide format printing is a specialised digital process all onto it's own that is especially used for A1 posters, banners, flags and other retail point of sale material.
Wide Format Printing is small quantity and fast time around friendly, It's just a matter of telling us what you need and we'll make it happen.


Specialty Printing


If you have a special project that requires a unique paper stock, one or PMS (Pantone) colours, embossing, Foiling or even die cutting than you have no choice but to call us for our experience. Perfectly suited to Corporate stationery, gold foil (gold leaf) printing on wedding invitations and leaving a embossed mark with your clients.

Why Goliath National?

Here at Goliath National we are aware that the name Goliath has negative undertones. As much as we want to encourage charity, we can't accept donations, we simply want to encourage corporate giants to do business with us. The funds we donate come from our own profits.

Corporate Business Processes...

Our business print systems are based on automation, we've built custom programs that enable each representative to operate as their own Production Manger; as a result our overheads are significantly less.

Our fully automated and semi automated quoting systems simplify and lessen the cost of estimating.

Our Automated Production Management (APM) can remember you and your art file with OPMS web to print and our Text Command Rule System (TCRS).

We can deliver rapid integrated end-to-end print solutions to maintain low costs, improve turnaround time and prevent unanticipated accidents.

What Do We Want?

What if a charity had the same economical viability as big business? Sure, it's nice to save trees through printing on FSC paper, though what about the lives in Africa that are lost simply for the sake of clean water. We aim to service the business sector and redistribute that money to where it will truly do some good. We've developed a business model that is as competitive to our clients as it is to our suppliers, and we encourage you to do the same. Our clients pay no more and our suppliers are paid no less. Quality is not compromised and our service processes are streamlined.

Charity Print Australia

Our print division accountability scheme is called Charity Print Australia. Instead of making you pay more we use an affordable business model to reduce cost and improve accuracy. The charity component is taken from our margins, not your quality, therefore you get to conduct your business whilst knowing part of your funds go towards charity. Our accountability report Charity Print Australia specifies where your funds have gone and what that is as a percentage.

Contact us at accounts@goliathnationalmediagroup.com.au if you're interested in our profit to donation benchmark.

Green Goliath

GNMG's current environmental and sustainability initiatives include offering services that utilise:
  • The successful completion of the GASAA Environmental Management Course based on the requirements of ISO14001.
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification.
  • Purchasing the majority of our sourced paper/board stock as either ISO14001 certified and / or FSC certified.
  • Recycling all printer toner cartridges by sending them back to suppliers to be reconditioned and reused, e.g. Fuji Xerox. has a 0% Landfill Policy.
  • IT equipment being removed and recycled by 1800 E-Waste, where 95-98%, by weight, will be recycled for future use.
  • Recycling aluminum, plastic and glass with Visy Recycling Commingle Bins.
  • Process to allow for continual environmental performance improvement aligned with objectives and targets.
  • Joining the Sustainability Advantage program and we are committed to strengthening our environmental performance through collaboration with the NSW Government - Office of Environment and Heritage.


"That's brilliant, thanks so much for all of your help Michael!
I look forward to  seeing them, and I will definitely recommend my clients print with you for the future. Thanks again"

Sarah Brenton, Linenhouse


"I want to thank you for the invites.  They are fantastic! – I love them.
Please see below the recommendation to our Procurement team for ongoing printing needs with your business.
I wish you all this best and once again, THANK YOU."

Regards Sarah Jarrett, Australasian Food Group Pty Ltd - Trading as Peters Ice Cream


"Thank you for being so on the ball and giving me updates. It's nice not having to chase up for an update for a change! "

Nancy McMaster, Design Intoto


Our Mission...

The problem is anything you do in life, short of changing the world and everyone in it, means relatively little. Our solution was to develop a perpetuation motion charity concept that people will want to adopt. If we made giving to charity commercially rewarding than surely it would be adapted.

Our goal is to takes money from those corporate / retail entities that should or can afford to give to charity and redistribute a percentage of our profits to charity. GNMG plays at being 'Robin Hood'. We wear a corporate mask during business hours and redistribute funds to those areas where it's most needed.

GNMG aims to be long lasting and do long-term greater goods, for this reason the first profits will always go to GNMG, and pending the annual net profit a percentage will go to charity. The percentage will be based on how much GNMG nets that year, the more GNMG net profits the larger the percentage it will give, up to a percentile limit. Without a limitation GNMG could reach 100% donation level and would not be sustainable. This gives everyone greater incentive to deal with GNMG.

GNMG, operating as Goliath National Media Group aims to deliver a competitive price and quality product that would rival the usual run of the press print businesses.

GNMG stands against sending money to printers and developers offshore. We have employees that need the work in Australia, and by under-cutting our own Australian employees we lower the acceptable working rate. If we're going to send money offshore, lets send it to developing countries that truly need it.

GNMG will publish a yearly report of funds donated, where those funds are sent and what percentage of profit that is.

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